What is an Interpreter? For more than a decade, a dedicated group of living historians have worked to bring the Battle Road ceremonies and reenactments to life for the public. This has become a strong tradition of the event and many other are following the Battle Road model in recruiting interpreters to bring to life for the public their event.

What do the Interpreters do? Battle Road Interpreters perform several very valuable roles. Interpreters make the public's experience more enjoyable and more educational by answering questions and talking to the public about the historical events of April 19th. Interpreters also help ensure that the public stay within the safe areas that are designated for spectators. Visitors consistently tell us that the Interpreters are one of the highlights of Battle Road.

What do Interpreters wear? Interpreters must dress consistently with the guidelines for Battle Road participants which means dress and other items appropriate to Eastern New England in 1775. This is actually more important to Interpreters due to your public interaction. If you have any questions about the guidelines just ask.

To Volunteer: Seventy-Five or more Battle Road Interpreters are needed!  If you are interested in helping out as a civilian at North Bridge, Hartwell Tavern or Tower Park, please contact Nick Zallas at  YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE TO BE AN INTERPRETER, so you can know where to be and what to do.  Please, no walk-ons the day of the event.

Interpreters at Hartwell Tavern and/or North Bridge are asked to volunteer for duty at Tower Park if possible. Thank you.

Please Note: Interpreters for Lexington Green (Monday morning, April 20, 2015) are being handled separately. If you wish to volunteer for this event, please contact Bill Poole at

Thank you.