The following groups take part in Battle Road events. If you are considering taking part in our hobby, please contact one of these groups.

American units

Lexington Minutemen and the Lexington Training Band

Glover's Marblehead Regiment

Menotomy Minute Men

Stow Minutemen

Sudbury Companies of Militia & Minute

Danvers Alarm List Company

Col. Bailey's Second Massachusetts Regiment

Goodwin and White's Companies

Concord Minutemen

Westford Colonial Minutemen

6th Middlesex Regiment of Militia

4th Middlesex Militia of Massachusetts

Tenth Massachusetts Regiment

The Acton Minutemen

The Lincoln Minutemen

3rd New Hampshire Regiment

The Bedford Minutemen

The Charlestown and Woburn militias - a combined company

British units

First Foot Guards

His Majesty's Ninth Regiment of Foot

His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot

Royal Irish Artillery

King's (4th) Own Regiment, Light Infantry Company

HMS Somerset

His Majesty's Fifth Regiment of Foot

16th Queen's Light Dragoons (Dismounted)

Note to company commanders: If you participate in Battle Road and would like your unit's web page listed here, please send an email with the information to the webmaster.