Battle Road Events - March and April 2019

Please also see

·         The Town of Lexington schedule of Patriots Day weekend events.

Unless noted, there is no charge to attend any of the events below. Every effort has been made to create an accurate events list, but please verify dates, times and locations with the individual organizers.

·         Boston Massacre Re-Enactment will not be held in 2019 due to site work at the Old State House.  Detailed information is posted on the Bostonian Society Website.


·         Battle Road Colonial Muster, Saturday March 23, 2019, at Minuteman National Park – A mandatory muster for all participants.  See Participant Information for details.

·         Lincoln Salute: Festival of 18th Century Fife & Drum Music Pierce Park, 17 Weston Road, Lincoln, MA, Sunday April 14, 2019 at 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. The Lincoln Minute Men host fife and drum groups in a musical performance for your enjoyment. Stirring and fun. Bring your picnic basket and lawn chairs for rousing entertainment.

·         Robbins’ Ride, Sunday April 14, 2019 - The Acton Minutemen will portray the spreading of the alarm throughout Acton with a horse and rider galloping past the homes of Acton’s 4 militia leaders. At the historic Faulkner Homestead, Colonel Faulkner himself will fire 3 alarm shots into the air with his musket, and those shots will be repeated again and again off in the distance, illustrating how the alarm was spread.

o    5pm at the Robbins' Home site - soccer fields at bottom of Concord Rd.

o    5:20 at the Isaac Davis Homestead - 39 Hayward Road

o    5:40 at the Faulkner Homestead - 5 High St. in So. Acton (corner of Rte. 27)

o    5:55 at the Liberty Tree Farm - 24 Liberty St., also in So. Acton

·         Lincoln Alarm and Muster at the White Church, Sunday April 14, 2019 at 7:00 pm - Library Lawn opposite First Parish, 3 Bedford Road, Lincoln, MA